Validating account numbers uk modulus checking

01-Jul-2017 07:42

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To perform this task it uses publicly available information and the specifications published by Voca Link.

You must be aware that this library cannot tell you that the account number and sort code associate to an active account, it only tells you that they be assigned to an account.

Sort Code Lookup - Data retrieval by EISCD sort code finder.

Roll Number Validation - Building Society Roll Number (Reference Number) check against latest validation rules.

Bank Details Validation - UK bank sort code / modulus check validation with transposition of non-standard account numbers.

Returns transposed sort code and account number plus EISCD (Extended Industry Sorting Code Directory) data.

To avoid the costly overhead of manually correcting rejected Bacs payments, Faster Payments or Direct Debit, all bank account details should be checked.

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These are: This feature enhances the existing UK bank account validation model by introducing modulus check validation.

Neither does it cover all sort codes, some of which are outside the specification and you should assume those details are valid unless otherwise known.

Validate UK sort codes and account numbers using the latest Voca EISCD (Extended Industry Sorting Code Directory) and bank specific validation rules.

A modulus check will be performed during the creation and modification of the bank accounts and will also be applied on the importing of bank accounts through public APIs.

When the bank accounts are entered, the system will now invoke a new modulus check in addition to the existing length check (8 digits) for validating the UK bank accounts.

Derive IBAN/BIC - Derive IBAN and SWIFT BIC from UK bank sort code and account number.